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        We understand the complexity of a digital workplace transformation. This is Digital Me. It is IT designed for people

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        New Blog

        Read the latest blog from our Chief Technologist: End-User & Digital Workplace, Paul Bray (@PSBray)

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        Understanding Workstyles

        We have identified 8 workstyles to help visualise your users’ individual needs and expectations.

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        User Adoption

        This Insight Guide explains the importance of user adoption to any workplace transformation strategy.

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        Computacenter were flexible, proactive and pragmatic....

        Ashley Davis, Managing Director, Technical Services, UBS
        UBS Case Study

        Windows 10

        A new era, A new approach

        Windows 10 improves the end-user experience. It’s an intuitive operating system that’s common across a range of devices.

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        Maximising Mobility

        Discover how to reinvent your strategy with smarter devices, sharper apps and stronger security controls.

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        Working with Computacenter, we can provide our lawyers with a choice of IT support channels that......

        Andrew McManus, IT Director, Eversheds Sutherland
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        Computacenter was instrumental in helping Linklaters achieve a seamless workplace transition on a global scale.

        Matt Peers, CIO Linklaters
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        In this Insight Guide we discuss what the service desk of tomorrow will look like, and why user experience is important.

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        Office 365

        Enable proactive decisions

        Harness the power of Office 365 to drive better business outcomes.

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        Computacenter has helped us get better value from our end user computing devices.

        Joanna Smith, CIO, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
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